• Medical Care at Christ House

    All of our residents receive excellent medical care and support. Learn more

  • Patient Stories

    Our patients have amazing stories.  Meet our Residents.

  • Holistic Support Services

    In an effort to treat the whole person, we have several support services we provide to residents. Learn more.

  • Volunteers

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What’s Happening at Christ House

$150,000 Spring Matching Challenge Through May 31st

Make a donation to Christ House now through May 31st and your donation will be matched–dollar for dollar–up to $150,000! Each spring, our supporters have given generously to Christ House during the Feinstein Challenge. The […] More…

 Our Mission

The mission of Christ House is to provide comprehensive and compassionate health care to sick, homeless men and women in the District of Columbia, and to assist them in addressing critical issues to help break the cycle of homelessness. Learn More